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About Us

New Identity is creative internet based boutique, founded by designers, developers and psychologists. We focus on solving design problems to produce intelligent human centered interfaces and deliver engaging experience to the end user as fast as possible.
We are Specialized in the the development webdesigns and marketing strategies grounded in consumer psychology and cognitive neuroscience. Our employees are brought together by the idea of creating emotional web experience and kick-start the internet businesses of our customers.
We are Perfectionists and we are proud of our creations. Work we consider mediocre never escapes our intranet. Our projects are extensively tested and tweaked before being packed for our customers, the end user and the Wild Wild Web.
We believe in science and Open Source software. We are strongly persuaded that human progress is a result of the fusion of a multiple science disciplines and the joined efforts of several benevolent people. That is why our designers, developers and psychologists joined efforts and knowledge to supply our customers with incredible products and secure their success and prosperity on the traditional market and the Wild Wild Web.

In reality we don't create web applications, strategies or artwork ...

We create digital dreams