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Develop understanding about the needs and position of the customer/organization. Research the demographics of the intended audience and how to address the needs of this segment.


Design visual concepts that reflect the customer idea and address the intended audience needs as well as the objective of the project.


Implement functional prototype that realistically represent the look and the feel of the future application. Offer this prototype for evaluation and feedback.


Build the actual application according to customer feedback and the last decisions taken during the Offer session.


Finalized application is internally tested and then offered to the customer. Any discovered problems are solved, last finishing touches and the project is prepared for launch.


The application is deployed on a customer chosen server. Final checks for data integrity and application functionality.

Our Workflow

Analyse We need to understand the main purpose of the whole project. Understanding the project will help us synthesize a profile based on the market position of the project and the intended target group. The demographics of target group will be used for the development of marketing strategies that address the needs and expectations of the individuals in this group.
Design The profile from the previous step and customer input is going to be used as a blueprint for choosing and creating content and images for the project. Together with the customer we are going to brainstorm the functional design and the appearance of the future application.
Offer A prototype that realistically represents the look and feel of the future application is offered for customer evaluation and feedback. The Pros and Cons of the suitable platforms are discussed. Together with the customer we make the last decisions about function, appearance and platform.
Weave It is time for implementation. The chosen platform and tools are used to build the actual application. Developers follow the functional design and decision taken in the offer step to implement an application that reflects the customer and target group needs.
Test Finalized application is internally tested. Any discovered problems are resolved and the application is offered for test to the customer. Any problems found are resolved. We bring the last finishing touches and the application is prepared for launch.
Deploy The application is deployed on our or customer chosen server. Last tests for data integrity and application functionality before going in production are performed.
Congratulations your application is officially in production !
With the deployment of your web application our workflow cycle is complete. But you do not have to stop here. Launching the website is only the beginning. Whether you made the website yourself or you ordered its development you need to keep updating you website content. That is the way to tell your customers that you are there and offering the best bang for their buck. If you do not have the time or you did not yet acquired the skills to keep up the professional appearance of your website you can get one of our maintenance packs or acquire these skills by following one of our trainings. If you want to get higher in the search engine results will be happy to offer you our SEO services.
It is out of a question but we will mention it just in case. If you need new functionalities or a total make-over of your application we can start another workflow cycle just like that. Just let us know.
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