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Social Media Marketing

The last years of technological progress, the ubiquity of smartphones and the rise of the social media platforms completely changed the picture of marketing and advertising. The new interconnectedness got us online literally everywhere. We are on facebook, twitter or blogging almost all of the time.


We believe that every successful business and not only internet business but ANY kind of business should advertise or attract customers in their natural habitat. 98% of 18-24 years old are already using social media. Average amount of time a person uses only Facebook per month is 15 hours 33 minutes. 22% of the teenagers log on to Facebook more than 10 times per day.

Marketing gurus claim that the social media marketing’s importance nowadays is way bigger than Search Engine Optimization. Our marketing consultants are strongly persuaded that the key to a successful business is the utilization of all available communication channels for marketing. You can use Social Media to raise brand awareness and foster relationship between your products, services and your target group.

People are tired of salesmen that trying to sell them stuff they don't want. People are searching for answers or fun and if you are there for them to give them those answers or the 5 minutes of amusement they will be your friend. We trust our friends and when we need an advice we ask them; when we buy stuff we prefer to buy it from the salesmen and shops we know and trust.

social-media-needsOur psychologists developed unified social media marketing strategy based on Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Our consultants will help you discover and satisfy these needs. We will set up and update regularly your preferred social media channels and also help you organize your communication with your current and perspective customers. It will also be our pleasure to design, create and distribute your mailing campaigns and bring you to the next level of conversion rate and customer retention. Because great brands aren't just known and trusted. They are loved. Let us make you lovable!

Let us lead your business to the next level, where marketing meets science.

We at EmoSense are very thankful to New Identity for designing our superb logo, icon front, designing the elegant website and establishin...
  • Vladimir Lichev
  • CEO EmoSense
Vladimir Lichev-CEO EmoSense
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  • CEO Cromulent Labs
Greg Gardner-CEO Cromulent Labs
Enorm bedankt voor de goede service !
Ze hebben onze website gerepareed. Ik was zo sterk onder de indruk van de kwaliteit en snelhei...
  • Ismet Kalkan
  • CEO Balkan Wood
Ismet Kalkan-CEO Balkan Wood


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