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New Identity Launch

developmentAfter several months of hard work we are happy to introduce you the New Identity website !
It started with development of our workflow. After several years of web development we had the know-how to start and how to finish a website, but until now we have done it only for customers. The problem with your own site is that it is never good enough and it is under constant revision. Happily for us we love what we do. We all share the same social values, passion for web, marketing and graphic design. We had all needed skills in the team and the first phase was a GO!

We wanted to create a platform where we can channel our passion for design interaction and creative impulses. We did our homework to pinpoint our market position. We analyzed our strong and weak sides, pros and cons of our team mix and what should be our ideal client. Armed with that information we were ready to start designing a mockup of a site that will satisfy the needs and expectations of our target group.

After the rejection of several visual concepts we unanimously chose the current one. Whether that was a good or a bad choice no one knows. Only time can show. Because all of us are very pro Open Source the possible platform choices were narrowed to several applications and we picked up Joomla!. We chose it because of its ease of use, its well documented and huge extensions directory. That wrapped up our Desing and approval phase and we were ready to start acually building the application.

The good and the bad news at the same time was that we exactly knew what we wanted. You probably could imagine that what we wanted and how we wanted it was not for sale or to find as an open source alternative. We had to build it. We rolled up our sleeves and got our hand dirty in code. With joined efforts we put together 7 modules, 3 components, 2 plugins and one library. Thirteen extension in total; countless sleepless nights and hundreds liters of coffee and tea. Finally we were happy with the result and the test phase was knocking on the front door.

ie sucksIf you have at least little experience with web development you probably know that Chrome, Firefox, even Opera browsers are not your point of concern. The biggest problems are with Internet Exploder family. Unfortunately for most of the web developer there are a lot of people out there that are still using old versions of Internet Exploder for one or another reason. All of the Internet Exploders have their own idea how the web should work and often contradict that idea. In order to make our website work under all of them we had to nerf some features and changed some layouts. But that is life - you cannot play MP3s on gramophone. After couple of weeks library upgrades, jQuery plugin rewrites, hair pulling and a lot of cursing, we can say that our website WORKS on Internet Exploder 7, 8, 9 and 10. Yay !

We decided to keep the blog and news in english so our international visitors are also able to follow what's going on. We still have to finish the mobile version, to translate the rest of the website into Dutch and add some features. But we couldn't hold it anymore and decided to share it with you in its current state. It is sure that we missed some small details and we hope that some benevolent website visitor will report them to us, so we can fix it. In general it could be said that the core in its big part is ready and the New Identity rocket has been launched. Don’t be shy get on board and enjoy the ride. Use the footer to connect with us and stay tuned for the newest developments.


New Identity Crew