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Web Shop

Professional Template
2 styled pages
5 support tickets
5 kickstart products
20 product pictures
One-on-One Training


Web Shop

Professional Template
3 styled pages
10 support tickets
20 kickstart products
100 product pictures
One-on-One Training


Web Shop

Professional Template
5 styled pages
25 support tickets
50 kickstart products
250 product pictures
One-on-One Training


Web Shops

shopping cartInternet opens vast of business opportunities. Each day, millions consumers buy goods online. There is a good chance that your clients are among them. You have spent enough time contemplating. Your competitors are already doing it. Don't waste more time soon it will be too late!

Think about it. You don't have to rent an expensive shop down town. You don't need to pay expensive monthly salaries, spend hard earned money for expensive security systems, rent or any of these. You have one time investment that will work for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Customers from the whole world could visit your store and buy your products.

New Identity is here for you to fix you with an e-commerce platform that is easy to use, maintain, looks great and it is ready to handle any feature request you can throw at it. Don't waste any time open the digital doors of your e-store today. You shop will be literally open 24 hours a day 7 days a week selling your products literally while you are sleeping.

In order to give you the best start you can have we combined an award winning content management system with the best e-commerce platform available. So you get a fast, scalable, secure, human, feature rich, customer and user friendly e-commerce platform.

We carefully thought through all possible aspects of a web shop launch and we know that every beginning is hard. Especially new concepts and their software implementation tend to be quite intimidating at the beginning. That's why we packed our e-commerce solution as a combination of design, development, special settings, training and support. But what really makes our solution best you can find is, that all shop packages we offer include taking professional pictures of your products, processing them digitally and adding the corresponding products to your shop inventory. That means you can start making money on the delivery day. Isn't that just awesome? But wait that is not all.

Not only your shop will be ready to rock from day one, you will be ready too! Our consultants will give you training specially tailored to your product and your personal needs.

Did we mention that support is included in the price? We will be around to make sure that you are on the right track. So don't worry you are not alone in the Wild Wild Web New Identity is right behind you !

We learned from experience that we can divide our customers in three different groups. So we put together three packages for these groups.

Web Shop Bronze is put together with starter in mind that needs business card like website and small shop. We are going to take up to 20 product pictures and add 5 products to your shop inventory so you can get this cookie rumble. Have a look at the comparison table and order Web Shop Bronze.
joomla shop silverWeb Shop Silver is designed for an entrepreneur that needs more than a business card and definitely has more than few products. We are going to take up to 100 product pictures and add 20 products to your shop inventory. You can show off your services and brag about your products and make the world believe you are the best in what you do and sell. Have a look at the comparison table and order Web Shop Silver.
Web Shop Gold is put together to satisfy the needs of an organization that is on the web to shake it. We are going to take up to 250 product pictures and add 50 products to your shop inventory. You are ready to show off your services, brag about your products and show that you are the best in what you do and sell and the world will believe you. Have a look at the comparison table and order Web Shop Gold.

It is really out of a question but we will mention it just in case. If you need different product mix or custom functionality - do not hesitate share that with us. We will be happy serve you.
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