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The greatest designs are built on simplicity and the thorough understanding of their intended audience. We know (been there done that) that most of the websites and web shops reflect the underlying technology and not the human needs and understanding of the end user. If you really think about it, everything that is made for one or another screen is actually meant for humans, but most of the time it is built from the viewpoint of one or
another programming structure. That is really sad !

People ignore websites that ignore people and human centered designs create connections that you can rely on.

heart square

Trying to fit a heart shaped peg into square hole doesn't work.

We believe that technology should be transparent. No one needs to know how Internet works in order to use a web application. The concepts should be clear and anyone should be able to understand them at first sight. Web content should call for action and buying stuff or using a website should feel like weekend newspaper – you know where to find the section you like. Just put your coffee cup down, reach, grab and enjoy.


To get to the point that we live up to our believes we had to dig even deeper into human nature. That’s why our designers and psychologists joined efforts with neuroscientist. To understand the whole process they look into, group dynamics, personality theories and got down to the lowest meaningful unit. They started building their models from cellular level up to the complex cognitive decision making processes. The model led them to a crystal clear conclusion - what really makes us click is not the new technology, shade of green used in the logo or the design trend your web shop followed but the human needs, emotions and pain people experience.

We decided to offer our model for action design to YOU our customer. Our consultants are ready to share their knowledge and help you optimize the conversion rates of your site, increase sales, customer satisfaction, eradicate user frustration and lower bounce rates. However our intervention has some side effects - the resulting designs look great and feel amazing.

Embrace the action driven web design and get your website or web shop to the next level where eCommerce meets science.