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colorsGraphic messages pervade our lives. They are so common that they have become part of the fabric of our modern life. You can see these messages on your breakfast packaging, the billboards on your way to work, on your workplace - literally everywhere.

Imagine, everyday we are exposed to average 300 different brands and 95% of them are visually and psychologically invisible. According to one of the leading neuroscientist of our time Antonio Damasio only 5% of the communication between a given brand and a consumer happens on conscious level. The rest 95% are pure subconscious communication through images, slogans, brand-group identification and the emotional charge a given brand is able to convey for itself. That is the reason why some brand messages reach you and others don't. Some have great impact on you even without you realizing it consciously.

We are proficient at creating variety of print collateral ranging from a simple logo or custom graphics to vehicle overprints and billboards. Did I mentioned our creations can be used on the Wild Wild Web or in printed materials. Check out our work.

Our designers do not see themselves as designers. They think of themselves more as messengers. They are ready to blur the little imperfections, boost your colors, sharpen your qualities and deliver the best emotional load to your target group.

New Identity offers stunning visuals for cunning entrepreneurs who want to stand out from the crowd and talk directly to their clients. Have a look at our Communication Packs or tell us what is on your mind and...