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maintenanceWebsite maintenance and updates are essential for every successful website and the business behind it. Frequent updates attract new visitors, raise brand awareness and climb your web page in the search results. Actually search engine bots will reindex your page after every update.

But it is not only that. Our everyday life is so dynamic and our time is so scarce that we often do not have time to choose every product or service we use. We simply forget or give in to the latest attention grabber/clever salesman offer. People need to be reminded where they can get stuff or where they will be served best or simply that your cause is the one they support. Frequent updates of your website add exactly that piece to your marketing puzzle. You have to inform your audience you are there alive and kicking, offering them biggest bang for their buck.

Many small and big companies, often do not find time or money to invest in web maintenance. Even worse they pass the job to someone whose area of expertise lies far away from front-end development. The result is bad, amateuristic look of the main entrance of their business. If you are serious about your business you definitely do not want that. People unfortunately do judge the book by its cover. Customers draw conclusions about products, services or reliability based on the looks of the company's website. Products are rated as bad or good as your website is. If you want a piece of that market dish you better let specialists work in their areas of expertise. This will save you a lot of nerves, time and money. Let us do your web maintenance so you can invest these nerves, time and money in making your products flashier, your services better and you clients happier and more loyal.

New Identity offers high quality website maintenance services at amazing prices. We are fluent at HTML, CSS, LESS, Java Script, PHP and we drink our morning coffee with CMS. What we put on the web is cross-browser compatible, uses the best web techniques and looks great. You can choose one of the maintenance packs we offer or you can hire us on on hourly basis.