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Web Design & Development

design cupYour products are amazing, your services are unsurpassed and the cause you are trying to raise funds for will save the world (or at least a small part of it). It's time to have a ride in the Wild Wild Web. You are at the right place and time New Identity is here to digitalize your dreams.

Perception is everything. People DO judge the book by its cover, like they judge specialist by their appearance. If you are a doctor and you want everyone to believe you are, you better put on your lab coat and hang a stethoscope around your neck. We humans make our decisions based on perception or impressions. That’s why you need to secure the best Wild Wild Web impression you can get for your business. New Identity is ready to help you.

Our designers and web developers are specialized in transforming ideas into web applications. They are famous for making your website visitors feel exactly the way you want them. We do not consider ourselves designers. We are more inclined to see ourselves as convertors. We harness our skills in creating eye catching, easy to use, human proof designs that convert visitors into clients.

Our web design and development services range from high quality landing pages to custom platform extensions through highly interactive web platforms, bridges or web services (SOAP, JSON, REST).

The web redesign services we offer are proven of tripling returning customers, customer satisfaction and loyalty. Have a look at this example.

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