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New Identity Trainings What we learnt from personal experience, read in biology books and gathered some empirical evidence (of course) that humans unlike ants can learn and be whatever they want to be. Humans are adaptable animals that can acquire, store and retrieve information. We humans can learn anything. "Where there's a will there's a way" and if that is your will, New Identity is on your side to walk this way with you.

If you want to learn how to update, upgrade, tune, maintain, manage or hack your web application - we are ready to teach you. Through our trainings you can become self-sufficient front-end master or website/shop administrator. Don't waste more time! Put on your sport clothes; tighten your shoelaces 'cause we are going to pump up some brain muscle!

New Identity offers diverse trainings & workshops for Joomla, VritueMart & Magento. The trainings are given in group arrangements, but One-on-One sessions are also available.

A regular training will take one working day. 3/4 of the time will be spent on to cover the subject and 1/4 is reserved for questions. The trainee will receive all digital and paper materials used during the training.

Regular workshop is offered in groups from 3 up to 6 people. A workshop will cover completion of certain project. At the end the workshop you will be able to complete and to customize the project at a hand on your own.

Life is a learning journey you better get into it with an experienced guide.

New Identity can help you achieve your goals and enable you to focus on learning just what you want in your time-frame. We put most common trainings on our trainings page but if you need to acquire different skills our consultants will be happy to help you. Just tell us what are the skills you want to acquire and...