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What is it about

This training builds on your knowledge acquired through Joomla Admin Training. You will extend your knowledge with how to set up your own home web server and development environment. Further we discuss the extensibility, ways to extend Joomla, various system settings and the programming languages and database used with Joomla!.

Is it for me

The intended training audience is the user with basic knowledge of the working of a modern CMS, has basic understanding of programming languages, Relational Databases, HTML and CSS. If you have never heard these words or do not know what an "if then statement" is, we strongly recommend you to follow our Joomla! Admin course and then return to this topic.

What you are going to learn

Installation & Configuration
  • Developer Tools
  • Apache Webserver PHP settings, Unix Permissions
  • Hosting environments, installation, migration
  • Emailing options, Performance optimization
  • Plan and organize your site
  • SEO – Settings and extensions
  • What is MVC, OOP
  • jQuery vs MooTools
  • View Overrides
  • Template parameters
  • Template overrides
  • User Permissions Joomla ACL
  • Safe Extensions Guide
  • Backup, Backup and again Backup

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